Top Places to visit in Coorg in One Day

Coorg, also known as Kodagu, is a scenic hill station located in the state of Karnataka, India. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its natural beauty, coffee plantations, spice gardens, and wildlife. The town of Madikeri is the district headquarters of Coorg and serves as the base for most visitors to the region.

Coorg is blessed with abundant natural beauty, which includes cascading waterfalls, dense forests, rolling hills, and meandering streams. The region is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, with several wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

If you only have one day to explore Coorg, here are some of the top places you can visit:

  1. Abbey Falls: It is a stunning waterfall located amidst coffee plantations and is a popular tourist spot in Coorg.

  2. Namdroling Monastery: It is a beautiful Tibetan monastery located in Bylakuppe and is one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India.

  3. Dubare Elephant Camp: Here you can observe and interact with elephants, learn about their daily routines and go for an elephant ride.

  4. Raja’s Seat: It is a popular garden and viewpoint in Coorg, which offers stunning panoramic views of the valley.

Abbey Falls

Abbey Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Coorg, Karnataka. It is surrounded by coffee and spice plantations and offers a stunning view of the surrounding hills. The waterfall is created by the Kaveri River and falls from a height of around 70 feet, creating a beautiful misty effect. The best time to visit Abbey Falls is during the monsoon season when the waterfall is in full flow. There is a hanging bridge across the waterfall, which offers a spectacular view of the falls and the surrounding greenery. Visitors can also take a short trek through the surrounding coffee plantations to reach the falls. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in Coorg and is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and photographers.

Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery, also known as the Golden Temple, is a Buddhist monastery located in the town of Bylakuppe in Coorg, Karnataka. It was established in 1963 by the Tibetan refugee community and is the largest teaching center of the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. The monastery is known for its magnificent architecture, which includes stunning murals, intricate wood carvings, and beautiful gold-plated statues. Visitors can witness the daily prayers and rituals performed by the monks, visit the various prayer halls and shrines, and even attend meditation sessions. The Namdroling Monastery is a peaceful and serene place that offers visitors a glimpse into the rich Tibetan culture and traditions. It is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in spirituality, culture, and history.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is a popular tourist destination located in the Coorg district of Karnataka. It is situated on the banks of the Kaveri River and is home to a large number of elephants that have been trained and tamed by the forest department. Visitors can take part in a variety of activities at the camp, including elephant bathing, feeding, and taking an elephant ride through the surrounding forest. The camp also offers opportunities to learn about the conservation efforts being undertaken to protect these magnificent animals. Visitors can interact with the trained mahouts (elephant handlers) and learn about the different commands used to communicate with the elephants. The Dubare Elephant Camp is a unique and memorable experience that offers visitors a chance to get up close and personal with these gentle giants of the animal kingdom.

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat is a popular tourist destination located in the town of Madikeri in Coorg, Karnataka. It is a scenic viewpoint that offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. The name “Raja’s Seat” literally translates to “Seat of the King,” and it is said that the kings of Coorg used to visit this spot to enjoy the beautiful views and relax.

The main attraction at Raja’s Seat is the beautifully landscaped garden, which is adorned with a variety of flowers and plants. The garden is especially popular for its colorful blooms during the spring and summer months. Visitors can also enjoy a musical fountain show in the evening, which features a combination of water, music, and lights.

Raja’s Seat is a great place to visit for nature lovers, photographers, and anyone looking to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Coorg. The location is easily accessible, and there are plenty of amenities available in the surrounding area, including restaurants, cafes, and souvenir shops.

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